How to Get Clear on Your Core Purpose + Core Values

If I were to describe what our company culture was like when I first started, I would describe it as inconsistent.

Organizationally, we lacked focus and alignment. Team members had differing opinions about what they felt was important, and as a leader, I was inconsistent in regards to what behaviors and attitudes were recognized and rewarded in the workplace.

As a result, a feeling of tension simmered under the surface. Occasionally, this sense of tension would manifest in conflict and misunderstandings – costing the company a significant amount of time, money, energy, resources and sanity.

I realized, if we were going to turn things around and build a high-performing, people-focused culture we’d need to do 2 things:

1. Get super clear on the reason WHY our company exists.

2. Get super clear on what attitudes and behaviors should be expected (and rewarded) in the workplace.

With this ambitious goal in mind, we set out to get clear on the reason WHY our company...

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3 FREE Ways to Have Fun at Work and Build a Stronger Team!

"When people engage in play, they step out of who they think they should be and show up as their true and authentic self.” - Kai Dickens

Yesterday, I had the awesome honor of nerding out and chatting with the CEO and Founder of PLAYOLOGY, Kai Dickens.

Kai is an inspiring Executive Leadership Coach and Team Building Consultant who's developed a FUN and unique program that helps organizations and teams elevate creativity, connection, and cooperation by leveraging play as a vehicle for improving trust and communication in the workplace.

In honor of International Have Fun at Work Day on January 28th, Kai shared three ways every leader can bring joy, laughter and positive vibes to their organizations.

1. IMPROMPTU DANCE BREAK - The amazingness of this activity is that it's simple and effective! Grab a speaker, queue up some upbeat music, crank it up and have your team dance it out. Everything goes – all rhythm (on or off beat) is allowed and encouraged! This activity is great...

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The Business-Changing Power of Company Culture

company culture Jan 16, 2018

Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself…'Awww crap…I have to go to work today...' ?

Not the best way to start the day, right?

Now IMAGINE what it’s like to wake up feeling genuinely inspired and excited to go to work.

That’s WAY better!

The difference between these two feelings of enthusiasm and dread is heavily influenced by the culture of our workplace.

Not only does your company culture directly impact how our business performs, it impacts the quality of life and personal happiness of every team member.

Of course, there’s WAAAY more to life than working, but having the right job provides a host of positive benefits both inside and outside the workplace.

If you want to be happier, reach a higher level of success, and make a positive difference in the lives of others, building a positive, people-focused company culture is a must.

My journey in building company culture began when I joined my family’s telephone answering service in...

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